Content Creation with Vine

by Bill Rowland March 30, 2014

If you haven’t heard of Vine, then you may be missing out. A mobile App that allows users to record 6 second videos, Vine may be one of the most interesting and accessible content creation platforms available today. Great for everything from telling a brand story to promoting new products, Vine is something everyone should […]

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Basic Backlink Assessment

by Bill Rowland March 22, 2014

Identifying links that may be damaging a website’s ability to rank can be a time-consuming manual process, however adopting a methodical approach can maximize the likelihood of success. In this post I’ll discuss a basic backlink assessment methodology that anyone can use to assess the quality of their backlink profile. Basic Steps in Backlink Assessment […]

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36 Rules of Social Media Distilled for Small Business

by Bill Rowland August 19, 2012
36 Social Media Rules

Social Media is a wonderful and confusing phenomena that gives businesses of all sizes the opportunity to directly connect with customers and clients. Although I’ve recently had the opportunity to get some insight into how some large brands pursue social media marketing, I’m particularly interested in how smaller company’s use it given their limited budgets. […]

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Maximize Website Conversion with Google Analytics

by Bill Rowland July 15, 2012
Google Browser Size Analysis

No matter what the purpose of your website may be, converting visitors is your primary goal and you can do a better job by using Google Analytics’ Browser-Size Analysis tool. A recent addition to the In-Page Analytics toolset, this functionality will help you better understand what users are seeing when they visit your website. Website […]

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My Small Business SEO Blogging Agenda

by Bill Rowland June 27, 2012
Busy with Small Business SEO

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted and although my time has been consumed with helping small businesses improve their search engine optimization and online marketing, that’s just an excuse. There have been quite a few interesting SEO developments that are affecting websites of all sizes and I’m looking forward to reviewing developments like: […]

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Google Talkbin Promotes Customer Feedback

by Bill Rowland December 20, 2011
Google Talkbin

Occasionally, I encounter business products that make a lot of sense, and Google Talkbin is one of them. Created for bricks & mortar businesses, Talkbin is a smartly designed tool intended to encourage customer feedback. As most people know, it can be frustrating to elicit feedback. Whether you have a traditional store, operate a medical […]

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Putting the Social Back Into Social Media

by Bill Rowland September 5, 2011
Keep the Social in Social Media

It’s easy to see how so many companies simply don’t understand social media. Working with some larger ecommerce websites on a regular basis, you’d be surprised and how clueless even the big boys can be. That’s why I was encouraged when I recently came across an article  about how One Click Ventures made the decision […]

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SEO: Get More Juice Per Squeeze

by Bill Rowland August 29, 2011
Get the Most from Your SEO Squeeze

Successfully optimizing websites is resource intensive, so it only makes sense to squeeze as much productivity as possible out of every task. While this makes a lot of sense, most businesses take a one-dimensional approach by chasing the newest SEO tools, which leaves a lot of potential productivity improvements behind. By applying some creative thinking, […]

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The Many Storylines of Google Plus

by Bill Rowland July 31, 2011
The Many Story Lines of Google Plus

Google Plus is about a month old now and with its spectacular growth, it’s been the subject of countless conversations among individuals and businesses alike. Typically, these discussions approach the social platform’s development in many different ways, so I thought I’d take a shot at distilling down the related side stories and make a quick […]

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