Search Engine Optimization

Basic Backlink Assessment

by Bill Rowland March 22, 2014

Identifying links that may be damaging a website’s ability to rank can be a time-consuming manual process, however adopting a methodical approach can maximize the likelihood of success. In this post I’ll discuss a basic backlink assessment methodology that anyone can use to assess the quality of their backlink profile. Basic Steps in Backlink Assessment […]

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SEO: Get More Juice Per Squeeze

by Bill Rowland August 29, 2011
Get the Most from Your SEO Squeeze

Successfully optimizing websites is resource intensive, so it only makes sense to squeeze as much productivity as possible out of every task. While this makes a lot of sense, most businesses take a one-dimensional approach by chasing the newest SEO tools, which leaves a lot of potential productivity improvements behind. By applying some creative thinking, […]

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SEO Search Ranking Factors: The 2011 Survey

by Bill Rowland June 28, 2011
SEO Search Ranking Factors 2011

Search Engine Optimization is an inexact science. Since the ranking algorithms of the major search engines are closely held secrets, deciphering the primary components of the search puzzle is often dependent upon the experience of SEOs across the world. Therefore, industry heavy weight SEOMoz assembles a biennial survey of the biggest names in Search Engine […]

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Article Marketing: Matt Cutts is Wrong

by Bill Rowland March 29, 2011
Matt Cutts is Wrong About Article Marketing

Recently, I came across this video featuring Google’s Matt Cutts addressing the question: Do You Recommend Article Marketing? While I’m not surprised by his response, I don’t agree. Here’s what he has to say: What’s Article Marketing? Article marketing is a form of promotion that uses articles focused on a specific topic, industry or pursuit […]

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Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO: Does It Matter?

by Bill Rowland March 20, 2011
Thumbnail image for Black Hat vs. White Hat SEO: Does It Matter?

For anyone familiar with search engine optimization (SEO), the Black Hat vs. White Hat debate continues to rage. Recent developments like the penalties levied against JC Penny & Overstock , not to mention Google’s Farmer Update have reinvigorated discussion on the proper way to perform SEO. I’ve come to believe that this debate is a […]

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Link Building: Be More Like Charlie Sheen

by Bill Rowland March 5, 2011
Build Links Like Charlie Sheen

Link building for ecommerce is a difficult, time intensive process but with some work and a few pointers from recent media magnet Charlie Sheen you can build a link graph that anyone would envy. Here are a few pointers that you can use to Be More Like Charlie Sheen: Be Aware – Maintaining an understanding […]

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Shady SEO Practices: Learn from JC Penney & Overstock

by Bill Rowland February 27, 2011
SEO Devil's Advocate

SEO practices have recently hit the mainstream with articles in both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal focusing the shady linking practices of JC Penney, and the resulting Google response. I’m not going to rewash the entire situation with a cautionary tale about link buying and questionable SEO, but I’d like to […]

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Increase Website Traffic With Kaizen

by Bill Rowland February 2, 2011
Increase Web Traffic Through Kaizen

If you’re like most, you’re always looking for a new way to increase website traffic. Social media marketing, article marketing and directory submissions are just a few ways to drive traffic to your website, but I’d like to introduce you to Kaizen. It’s not a new tool or fancy technology, but a relatively low-tech approach […]

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SEO Landing Page Best Practices

by Bill Rowland January 25, 2011
SEO Landing Pages Target Users' Needs

Creating an inviting landing page to welcome visitors and entice them to explore your website further can be a real challenge. Whether operating an ecommerce, informational or personal website, it’s important to use best practices in an effort to minimize user discontent and your Bounce Rate. Recently, we sat down to discuss a few best […]

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