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Website Copy: Stop Writing for People

by Bill Rowland January 19, 2011
Googlebot is Homer Simpson

After spending a lot of time recently working on ecommerce copywriting, today I stumbled across a post that challenges the notion that webmasters should write for readers. In Stop Writing for People , AJ Kohn suggests that authors should write for search engines and he presents a pretty compelling argument. While I recommend that you […]

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New Years Resolution: Be Like Cartman

by Bill Rowland January 6, 2011
Cartman: Respect My Authoritah!

New Years Resolutions are pretty tired, but this year I have to pile on: I’m going to be more like  Cartman from South Park. Not the douchey part, but the one that demands: Respect my Authritah! If you’re not familiar with Cartman, South Park or the episode in question this will give you a taste: […]

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5 Tips to Improve Your Keyword Research

by Bill Rowland December 31, 2010
5 Tips for Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization involves many moving parts and keyword research is arguably among the most important. Whether you’re an SEO or simply a business person looking to improve the performance of your website, identifying productive keywords is both challenging and incredibly important. After working with several clients over the past six months, I’ve had the […]

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Philadelphia SEO Grail Meetup: Content for E-Commerce

by Bill Rowland December 11, 2010
Content Development for E-Commerce Improves SEO and Sales

November’s Philadelphia SEO Grail Meetup proved to be both interesting and entertaining as we discussed a variety of topics surrounding two presentations on content development and affiliate marketing. In this post, I’ll cover my presentation on How to Develop Content for Ecommerce while I’ll address the Introduction to Affiliate Marketing presentation within the next week. […]

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Google PageRank Toolbar Freakout

by Bill Rowland November 25, 2010
Google PageRank Toolbar Freakout

This week I encountered an all too familiar situation when a client freaked out. Apparently when checking the Google PageRank of their homepage, it had dropped from a very respectable 6 to 0. Understandably they were upset and immediately started to look for an answer. After some quick digging, it was discovered that the Google […]

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A Commonly Missed SEO Opportunity: Coupon Code Pages

by Bill Rowland November 11, 2010
Coupon Pages Are Good for SEO

Everyone loves a deal and online shoppers are certainly no exception. A simple search engine query for your favorite online retailer and “coupon code” will provide a small indication of the popularity of coupon codes. Furthermore, the growing number of coupon sites like,, and are a testament to online deal hunting. Unfortunately, […]

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Keyword Research: Everyone Can Contribute

by Bill Rowland November 6, 2010
Keyword Research: Everyone Can Help

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial component to the success of any web business and keyword research plays an important part. Typically, emphasis is placed on the technical aspects of keyword research, like tools, algorithms and techniques, but simple teamwork can mean much more to successful keyword research.  I’d like to touch on how you […]

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Will Visual Design Play a Larger Part in SEO?

by Bill Rowland October 30, 2010
Google Full Page Preview

Recently it’s been learned that Google has been testing a new layout to their search results – full page previews of the target site. While similar to services like Snap Technologies and Kontera, Google’s version takes it to a whole new level: not only does the background behind the listing change color, but a full […]

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Philadelphia SEO Grail October Meeting Summary

by Bill Rowland October 27, 2010
Philadelphia SEO Grail Meetup

Search Engine Optimization is a continually changing field, which is why I constantly try to stay up to date with not only  emerging developments, but also fellow SEOs in Philadelphia. As a result, I’m an Organizer for the Philadelphia SEO Grail Meetup which is a group that meets regularly to discus Search Engine Optimization, online […]

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