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36 Rules of Social Media Distilled for Small Business

by Bill Rowland August 19, 2012
36 Social Media Rules

Social Media is a wonderful and confusing phenomena that gives businesses of all sizes the opportunity to directly connect with customers and clients. Although I’ve recently had the opportunity to get some insight into how some large brands pursue social media marketing, I’m particularly interested in how smaller company’s use it given their limited budgets. […]

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Putting the Social Back Into Social Media

by Bill Rowland September 5, 2011
Keep the Social in Social Media

It’s easy to see how so many companies simply don’t understand social media. Working with some larger ecommerce websites on a regular basis, you’d be surprised and how clueless even the big boys can be. That’s why I was encouraged when I recently came across an article  about how One Click Ventures made the decision […]

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The Many Storylines of Google Plus

by Bill Rowland July 31, 2011
The Many Story Lines of Google Plus

Google Plus is about a month old now and with its spectacular growth, it’s been the subject of countless conversations among individuals and businesses alike. Typically, these discussions approach the social platform’s development in many different ways, so I thought I’d take a shot at distilling down the related side stories and make a quick […]

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Business Blogging Guide Step # 1: Research

by Bill Rowland March 27, 2011

In my recent blog post South Jersey Business Blogs Suck, I found that businesses in Southern New Jersey are doing a poor job of blogging. In the first in a series of posts on business blogging, I’ll cover some tips on how to create an effective blog starting with research. Establishing a Goal Although it […]

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South Jersey Business Blogs Suck

by Bill Rowland January 16, 2011
Business Blogs Should Not Be Crappy

Blogging can be an excellent way to improve the search rankings, become known as an authority in your field and develop stronger relationships with customers and prospects. Unfortunately, many companies jump into business blogging without a full understanding of what it takes to be successful. After exploring blogs in the region that are doing it […]

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I am Wrong. Social Media Is for Every Business

by Bill Rowland September 26, 2010
I Am Wrong. Social Media is for Every Business

Traditionally I’ve felt that social media offers a great deal of promise, but that it’s not for everyone. After recently reading Is Social Media Right for Every Business? I think that I may be wrong. Popular forms of social media like Twitter, Facebook, blogging and Foursquare have captured the imagination of business. In a rush […]

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Twitter Case Study: What Not to Do

by Bill Rowland August 20, 2010
Thumbnail image for Twitter Case Study: What Not to Do

Twitter can be a great tool, but some businesses don’t have a clue in how to use it. Or maybe they know how, but figure that if they throw enough “stuff” at the wall, something will stick. Who cares about their followers, right? Hopefully you can feel my sense of disgust. I was recently checking […]

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Social Networking for Business: 6 Points

by Bill Rowland August 3, 2010
Social Networking for Business

I recently encountered a presentation by Paul Adams, a user experience researcher at Google that focuses on social media and design. While lengthy, it covers how people connect with each other and what that means for the internet. The presentation is easy to understand, persuasive and avoids technology, but it’s pretty long. So I’ve pulled […]

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Twitter: Swiss Army Knife for Business

by Bill Rowland July 28, 2010
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Small business people often look at Twitter as a complete waste of time, but I think that if they looked more closely they would find an effective tool that is often too easily dismissed. Yes there’s a lot of crap, but if it was easy then everyone would be doing it and there would be […]

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