My Small Business SEO Blogging Agenda

by Bill Rowland June 27, 2012
Busy with Small Business SEO

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted and although my time has been consumed with helping small businesses improve their search engine optimization and online marketing, that’s just an excuse. There have been quite a few interesting SEO developments that are affecting websites of all sizes and I’m looking forward to reviewing developments like: […]

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Happy New Year from Camden, New Jersey!

by Bill Rowland January 2, 2011
New Years Fireworks from Camden, New Jersey

Every New Years Eve I’m always conflicted by the age-old debate about going out or staying in. This year we went out to see the fireworks over the Delaware River in Camden, New Jersey and it was a great experience. Wiggins Park was a fantastic location, the crowd was well behaved and we had a […]

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