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by on March 30, 2014

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If you haven’t heard of Vine, then you may be missing out. A mobile App that allows users to record 6 second videos, Vine may be one of the most interesting and accessible content creation platforms available today. Great for everything from telling a brand story to promoting new products, Vine is something everyone should at least consider.

My Introduction: Winning Vine Me to Vegas

My introduction to Vine was winning the Internet Marketing Ninjas’ Vine Me to Vegas Contest last fall. Tasked with explaining why I deserved to Vegas for Pubcon, I dropped a bomb on the competition*. (You can see the Vine here ). Despite my relative ignorance, I’ve become a fan and see it as a good option for businesses looking for an affordable option for content creation.

Quick, Concise & Compelling

No matter what type of online presence you have, content is increasing in importance Vine video is quick, concise and compelling when done well. After scouring the internet for some well –done examples of Vines with concepts that easily translate to small businesses, I came up with these:

The Spring Thaw: Bike Shop

After the long, brutal winter every bike enthusiast can certainly relate to this simple yet effective video.

A Cold Beverage: Bar

Ok, you caught me. I created this video today while having lunch with my wife. Simple though it may be, I think it shows that a video doesn’t have to place a business front and center. If you look closely, you can see that we were at the Pour House in Westmont, NJ.

Breakfast: Restaurant

I discovered Ian Padagm’s work today and I’m an instant fan. Any café can ripoff his concept to create some fun video highlighting all sorts of tabletop hijinx.

It Takes Some Creativity & A Little Work

Content creation with Vine is certainly not easy, but with a modest amount of work and experimentation any business will be able to create so video that customers and prospects will enjoy. After working with Vine, here are a few tips that I found helpful:

  • Get a Tripod- Trust me on this one: having a steady hand will make your Vines much better.
  • Plan Your Video – Most really good Vines take a lot of planning, so think it through in advance.
  • Use the Ghost Feature – Really helpful for stop motion, the Ghost feature allows you to keep your shot lined up and the video smooth.
  • Get Creative With Props – Even the simplest items can make a great video. Start with basic props to find those that can help tell your story.

Consider Adding Vines to Your Content Strategy

As content becomes even more important to attracting and keeping the attention of prospects and customers, you should consider adding Vine to your content mix. A better fit for B2c applications, Vines tend to be most popular with younger users however  the potential benefit certainly justifies at least an experiment.

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Dermot Gilley June 23, 2014 at 10:43 am

“allows users to record 6 second videos” – This reminds of how Twitter found their niche, by going back to the absolute roots of information, the shortest possible piece, like one sentence.


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