Google Talkbin Promotes Customer Feedback

by on December 20, 2011

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Google Talkbin: Customer Feedback Tool

Occasionally, I encounter business products that make a lot of sense, and Google Talkbin is one of them. Created for bricks & mortar businesses, Talkbin is a smartly designed tool intended to encourage customer feedback.

As most people know, it can be frustrating to elicit feedback. Whether you have a traditional store, operate a medical office or simply need the opinion of others it can be tough to understand what your clients, customers or patients may think.  Talkbin uses anonymous SMS text messaging to elicit feedback from customers about what they really think.  With today’s social media culture and increased comfort with texting, this could prove to be a very good way to do it. Moreover, the Talkbin service includes a unique telephone number for the business, signage to promote the service and an easy to use online dashboard to manage the feature. Pricing is $25 per month, but I’ve seen a series of discounts that make the pricing as low as $1 per month. How can anyone go wrong?

While this looks like a really useful tool, I also think that some though should be given to how feeeback will be addressed before anyone runs out and signs up for Talkbin. Frankly, any business thoughtful enough to pursue customer feedback should be equally thoughtful about what they will do once they have it. Certainly, I think that a personal response to every submission is critical. Moreover, if its criticism I think that addressing it upfront is critical.

Regardless, if I had a traditional store I think that this would be a very effective way of keeping me focused on what matters to my customers.

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WIll K. December 22, 2011 at 12:50 am

This type of service does sound cool – have been looking for something similar for my restaurant. I have seen TalkBin drop their price to $1 here and there which i guess is nice… however OwnerListens is offering their service free for the first 1000 businesses. Looks like they are launching soon and I must say, their app is pretty slick. Free + cool app wins in my book.


Bill Rowland January 10, 2012 at 7:41 am


Yeah, Talkbin has dropped their price to $1 and it would be tough to not at least give it a try. As for OwnerListens, I don’t know – I think I’d stay with a Google product as a known entity, but that’s just me…


Chief Feedback Officer December 26, 2011 at 2:33 am

Google’s product is fine. I know people love to text and it’s easy!

There really is a much better way. Using research out of Harvard and simple smartphone technology and business can get real time customer feedback and best off it’s FREE.

Check this out…

They have a free option that makes it affordable to all businesses.

Customer Feedback is critical for success.


Bill Rowland January 10, 2012 at 7:47 am

Well I can’t speak to the use of research from Harvard, but this product really isn’t the same. First, your customers must have a smart phone equipped with a QR Code Reader. Next, your asking them to complete a survey. Therefore you’ve already placed to obstacles in their way before they can ever give you feedback, which in my opinion is two strikes against you.

Basically, I think Talkbin is a better way to get started.


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