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by on February 2, 2011

in Search Engine Optimization

Increase Website Traffic with KaizenIf you’re like most, you’re always looking for a new way to increase website traffic. Social media marketing, article marketing and directory submissions are just a few ways to drive traffic to your website, but I’d like to introduce you to Kaizen. It’s not a new tool or fancy technology, but a relatively low-tech approach ideal for successful search engine optimization.

Kaizen Is a Philosophy

Made popular by automaker Toyota, Kaizen is a Japanese term that refers to a philosophy and set of practices that focus on continuous improvement. Although there are many components to the practice of Kaizen, I’d like to focus on the philosophy. While I’m not a Kaizen expert, I’d like to offer an opinion on how SEOs and businesses can increase website traffic with Kaizen.

Always Trying to Hit a Web Traffic Home Run

Typically webmasters are always looking for a big increase in traffic and anything less is often considered a failure. Driven by performance needs, the challenge or personal pride we often create web strategies to hit a home run and then are disappointed when we’re unable to achieve our goals. Dejected, focus on the plan waivers and invariably we fall short of our plans to rule the world.

Focus on the SEO Process, Not the Goal

In my opinion Kaizen compels us to focus on the SEO process and not the goal. Anyone that has ever worked to increase web traffic or optimize their website understands that the amount of direct control we have is limited; therefore we should focus on components on which we have control. These components not only include basics like SEO focused website development, content creation and social media marketing, but also the process used to pursue goals in all of these areas. Therefore if we focus on continually improving our search engine optimization processes, increasing website traffic should be a direct benefit.

Like Kaizen, SEO is Long Term

Kaizen and search engine optimization both require a long term commitment to be successful, but persistence and dedication will provide great benefits. Focusing on the measurement and improvement of SEO processes will enable you to avoid non productive pursuits to focus on those activities that will increase website traffic for your website. It may not be sexy, but it works.

What do you think? Am I on crack or does this make sense to you?

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