Link Building: Be More Like Charlie Sheen

by on March 5, 2011

in Search Engine Optimization

Charlie Sheen Would Be a Great Link BuilderLink building for ecommerce is a difficult, time intensive process but with some work and a few pointers from recent media magnet Charlie Sheen you can build a link graph that anyone would envy. Here are a few pointers that you can use to Be More Like Charlie Sheen:

Be Aware – Maintaining an understanding of an industry, its products and consumers will give you background on what people find interesting. Charlie Does. He’s capturing the imagination of millions and Warner Brothers could lose $250 Million by cancelling Two and a Half Men.

Be Opportunistic – Finding a good opportunity to promote your self can be difficult, so ecommerce retailers must take advantage of every occasion to get good press. Charlie Does. He’s Amassed 1.3 Million Followers in 25 Hours 17 Minutes after joining Twitter on Tuesday. Follow him: @charliesheen

Be Agile – Acting on great link building prospects like a breaking news event or product mention must be made in hours, not days. Charlie Does. When given the opportunity to speak with multiple shows like Dan Patrick, Howard Stern, Today, Good Morning America and TMZ he did it all in 24 hours.

Be Committed – Committing to a strong plan of action when link building is important to give the strategy enough time to work. Charlie Does. Once he chose his course of action, Charlie went all in with a media blitz that includes print, online, television and new media to grip the nation with the power of a good car wreck.

Link building is arguably the most difficult part of building website authority, however being aware, opportunistic, agile and committed will make a dramatic difference in your link building efforts. Drug binges, crazy quotes, incoherent statements and goddesses aside, we can all take some link building lessons to Be More Like Charlie Sheen. And remember, it’s all about Winning.

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