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by on August 29, 2011

in Search Engine Optimization

Get More Juice from Your SEO SqueezeSuccessfully optimizing websites is resource intensive, so it only makes sense to squeeze as much productivity as possible out of every task. While this makes a lot of sense, most businesses take a one-dimensional approach by chasing the newest SEO tools, which leaves a lot of potential productivity improvements behind. By applying some creative thinking, ingenuity and a little effort there are many more ways to get more juice from your SEO squeeze.

Recycle Content When Appropriate

Clearly a piece of low hanging fruit, recycling content can offer dramatic productivity improvements. Perhaps one of the most overlooked methods is the use of existing offline content like owner’s manuals, presentations, reports and sales materials. While simple, this is a great way to develop product-focused content for ecommerce sites. Another excellent way to recycle content can be found by expanding the traditional definition of content to include client and customer interactions. Creating buying guides, answers to frequently asked questions and case studies can be very valuable to existing and prospective customers.  In short, recycling is good for SEO.

Leverage Effort

Call it multitasking or leveraging effort, but completing more than one SEO task with the same amount of effort can really boost productivity. During a recent discussion with a well respected Philadelphia SEO consultant, I learn about how he leveraged a link building campaign across multiple clients that operated in a similar vertical to maximize productivity and minimize cost. I must admit that I was impressed by his simple genius while embarrassed that I hadn’t already used that approach. Though impressive, not everyone has the luxury of multiple sites in similar verticals, but this technique can work on a smaller scale too. Organic keyword research can uncover paid search opportunities, analyzing website performance can offer content ideas and speaking with a local business person can present link building opportunities. So be aware of opportunities to get a little more for your effort.

Standardize Your SEO Tasks

Search engine optimization is packed with repetitive duties that can quickly progress from a routine necessity to a painful time suck. Keyword research, analytics reporting and competitive analysis are just a few tasks that can easily get out of hand without the use of a standard framework. Therefore it’s wise to apply a standard framework or methodology to SEO tasks whenever possible to focus your efforts on productive activity rather than being distracted by a minor exception.

Search Engine Optimization can quickly burn through hours that are often needed to address more imminent tasks, however by recycling, leveraging and standardizing you can get the most out of your effort while still attending to the needs of your business.

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