I am Wrong. Social Media Is for Every Business

by on September 26, 2010

in Social Media Marketing

Traditionally I’ve felt that social media offers a great deal of promise, but that it’s not for everyone. After recently reading Is Social Media Right for Every Business? I think that I may be wrong.

Popular forms of social media like Twitter, Facebook, blogging and Foursquare have captured the imagination of business. In a rush to jump onto the bandwagon, I’ve seen many companies dive into social media without having any knowledge of what it takes to be successful. As a result, I adopted the approach that social media is not for every business.

However Mitch’s observations proved to be enlightening; the most impactful points to me include:

Start by Asking the Right Question

“Is Social Media Right for My Business?” is arguably the most frequently asked question when considering its use, however the real question should focus on whether the company wants to promote itself to the world. After all, promoting a company’s products, services and brand is normally the primary goal.

Since almost every company should want to increase its sales and reputation, it would only make sense that social media is for everyone.

Think About Social Media More Broadly

Social Media by definition is social, which implies sharing. Therefore any method of sharing and exchanging information could be considered social media. I think that the buzz and the hype created by today’s popular social media platforms obscure other methods that are equally relevant but less trendy. I am guilty, too. Creating online forums, listservs, and knowledge bases, as well as an offline conference, Meetup group or industry organization could all be considered forms of social media too.

So the upshot is to look at social media as a method to share information about your company and what you do with the people around you. This could be employees, customers and even competitors.

In conclusion, I found the article thought provoking and I encourage you to read it. It made me question and change my beliefs, or at least reframe how I think about social media. Ultimately, I’ve changed my approach to believe that social media is for every company as long as it can make long term business sense.

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