Social Networking for Business: 6 Points

by on August 3, 2010

in Social Media Marketing

I recently encountered a presentation by Paul Adams, a user experience researcher at Google that focuses on social media and design. While lengthy, it covers how people connect with each other and what that means for the internet. The presentation is easy to understand, persuasive and avoids technology, but it’s pretty long. So I’ve pulled out some interesting points that apply to small business. If you’re inclined, I’ve added the full presentation below:

Social Networking is a Means to an End
Focus on a goal?

People are Getting Information From Each Other, Not Businesses
Facilitate social interaction.

Privacy and Trust Go Hand in Hand
Enough said.

Three Types of Social Ties: Strong, Weak and Temporary
Businesses should focus on Weak and Temporary ties.

Dunbar’s Number: People Can Only Keep Up with 150 Weak Ties
Attention is valuable, so provide value in return.

Communicating Trust to Temporary Ties is Crucial
Transitory relationships require businesses to establish trust immediately.

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