The Many Storylines of Google Plus

by Bill Rowland July 31, 2011
The Many Story Lines of Google Plus

Google Plus is about a month old now and with its spectacular growth, it’s been the subject of countless conversations among individuals and businesses alike. Typically, these discussions approach the social platform’s development in many different ways, so I thought I’d take a shot at distilling down the related side stories and make a quick […]

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Shady SEO Practices: Learn from JC Penney & Overstock

by Bill Rowland February 27, 2011
SEO Devil's Advocate

SEO practices have recently hit the mainstream with articles in both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal focusing the shady linking practices of JC Penney, and the resulting Google response. I’m not going to rewash the entire situation with a cautionary tale about link buying and questionable SEO, but I’d like to […]

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Will Visual Design Play a Larger Part in SEO?

by Bill Rowland October 30, 2010
Google Full Page Preview

Recently it’s been learned that Google has been testing a new layout to their search results – full page previews of the target site. While similar to services like Snap Technologies and Kontera, Google’s version takes it to a whole new level: not only does the background behind the listing change color, but a full […]

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Social Networking for Business: 6 Points

by Bill Rowland August 3, 2010
Social Networking for Business

I recently encountered a presentation by Paul Adams, a user experience researcher at Google that focuses on social media and design. While lengthy, it covers how people connect with each other and what that means for the internet. The presentation is easy to understand, persuasive and avoids technology, but it’s pretty long. So I’ve pulled […]

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