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5 Tips to Improve Your Keyword Research

by Bill Rowland December 31, 2010
5 Tips for Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization involves many moving parts and keyword research is arguably among the most important. Whether you’re an SEO or simply a business person looking to improve the performance of your website, identifying productive keywords is both challenging and incredibly important. After working with several clients over the past six months, I’ve had the […]

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Keyword Research: 3 to 5 Terms Most Productive

by Bill Rowland July 7, 2010
Research Suggests That Keywords of 3 to 5 Terms Are Best

Anyone that has ever done keyword research as a part of a Search Engine Optimization process understands that it’s all a balancing act. Setting aside complications such as finding terms that are relevant and achievable, many SEOs struggle with identifying the sweet spot between head terms and the long tail. Logic suggests that the longer […]

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