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5 Tips to Improve Your Keyword Research

by Bill Rowland December 31, 2010
5 Tips for Keyword Research

Search Engine Optimization involves many moving parts and keyword research is arguably among the most important. Whether you’re an SEO or simply a business person looking to improve the performance of your website, identifying productive keywords is both challenging and incredibly important. After working with several clients over the past six months, I’ve had the […]

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Keyword Research: Everyone Can Contribute

by Bill Rowland November 6, 2010
Keyword Research: Everyone Can Help

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial component to the success of any web business and keyword research plays an important part. Typically, emphasis is placed on the technical aspects of keyword research, like tools, algorithms and techniques, but simple teamwork can mean much more to successful keyword research.  I’d like to touch on how you […]

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SEO Basics: The Long Tail

by Bill Rowland July 31, 2010
SEO Basics - The Long Tail

Many may be familiar with “The Long Tail,” which refers to a statistical property that suggests that the greatest value of a population rests in the tail of the distribution. This directly applies to online marketing and specifically keyword research. I recently found a great infographic that explains the concept clearly: A Balance Between Quantity […]

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Stupid People Click on Ads

by Bill Rowland July 17, 2010
Thumbnail image for Stupid People Click on Ads

Successful search engine marketing requires companies to make good choices in how they spend their limited resources. Since there’s a million ways to waste money, it’s important to find the marketing investment that offers the best return. Online advertising has been popular with some businesses, but those businesses may not fully understand its limitations… One […]

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Keyword Research: 3 to 5 Terms Most Productive

by Bill Rowland July 7, 2010
Research Suggests That Keywords of 3 to 5 Terms Are Best

Anyone that has ever done keyword research as a part of a Search Engine Optimization process understands that it’s all a balancing act. Setting aside complications such as finding terms that are relevant and achievable, many SEOs struggle with identifying the sweet spot between head terms and the long tail. Logic suggests that the longer […]

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