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South Jersey Business Blogs Suck

by Bill Rowland January 16, 2011
Business Blogs Should Not Be Crappy

Blogging can be an excellent way to improve the search rankings, become known as an authority in your field and develop stronger relationships with customers and prospects. Unfortunately, many companies jump into business blogging without a full understanding of what it takes to be successful. After exploring blogs in the region that are doing it […]

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Rich Snippets: Online Marketing Tool for Small Business

by Bill Rowland September 17, 2010
Rich Snippets are Helpful in Google

Smaller businesses with a website have a new weapon to use in their online marketing arsenal: Rich Snippets. Simply put, Rich Snippets enable you to more effectively communicate information that users will find relevant and useful. Since Google tries to present users with the most useful and informative search results, using Rich Snippets will help […]

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