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Article Marketing: Matt Cutts is Wrong

by Bill Rowland March 29, 2011
Matt Cutts is Wrong About Article Marketing

Recently, I came across this video featuring Google’s Matt Cutts addressing the question: Do You Recommend Article Marketing? While I’m not surprised by his response, I don’t agree. Here’s what he has to say: What’s Article Marketing? Article marketing is a form of promotion that uses articles focused on a specific topic, industry or pursuit […]

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Business Blogging Guide Step # 1: Research

by Bill Rowland March 27, 2011

In my recent blog post South Jersey Business Blogs Suck, I found that businesses in Southern New Jersey are doing a poor job of blogging. In the first in a series of posts on business blogging, I’ll cover some tips on how to create an effective blog starting with research. Establishing a Goal Although it […]

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Affiliate Marketing 101: Philadelphia SEO Grail Meetup

by Bill Rowland December 18, 2010
Affiliate Marketing Witch Doctor

The Philadelphia SEO Grail Meetup normally offers some great discussions covering online marketing and November’s meeting was no exception. In the second part of my two part post, I’ll cover the presentation given on affiliate marketing. You can find the first part here:  How to Create Content for E-commerce Affiliate Marketing 101 Surrounded by confusion […]

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Philadelphia SEO Grail October Meeting Summary

by Bill Rowland October 27, 2010
Philadelphia SEO Grail Meetup

Search Engine Optimization is a continually changing field, which is why I constantly try to stay up to date with not only  emerging developments, but also fellow SEOs in Philadelphia. As a result, I’m an Organizer for the Philadelphia SEO Grail Meetup which is a group that meets regularly to discus Search Engine Optimization, online […]

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Rich Snippets: Online Marketing Tool for Small Business

by Bill Rowland September 17, 2010
Rich Snippets are Helpful in Google

Smaller businesses with a website have a new weapon to use in their online marketing arsenal: Rich Snippets. Simply put, Rich Snippets enable you to more effectively communicate information that users will find relevant and useful. Since Google tries to present users with the most useful and informative search results, using Rich Snippets will help […]

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SEO Basics: The Long Tail

by Bill Rowland July 31, 2010
SEO Basics - The Long Tail

Many may be familiar with “The Long Tail,” which refers to a statistical property that suggests that the greatest value of a population rests in the tail of the distribution. This directly applies to online marketing and specifically keyword research. I recently found a great infographic that explains the concept clearly: A Balance Between Quantity […]

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Skype Click & Call Advertising: A Challenge to PPC?

by Bill Rowland July 21, 2010
Skype Click & Call May Convert Better than PPC

Today I encountered a potential goldmine for many small businesses, Skype Click & Call Advertising. For those unfamiliar with Skype, it’s a service that offers telephone service over the internet and the company is rolling out a service that is similar to Pay Per Click advertising. This video offers a quick and dirty explanation: So […]

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Social Media Marketing: Learn from the Big Boys

by Bill Rowland May 29, 2010
Social Media Marketing? Learn from This Guy

Social media marketing is not for everyone. Five Steps to Social Currency in the May edition of Fast Company magazine discusses lessons learned by large brands that can be used by smaller businesses to better under how they can use social media effectively in their business. I’d like to touch on each point and offer […]

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Search Engine Ranking Factors: What Really Matters

by Bill Rowland May 22, 2010
Thumbnail image for Search Engine Ranking Factors: What Really Matters

Search engine ranking factors have always been a subject of significant debate, which confuse many businesses as they attempt to optimize their websites for their chosen keywords. I recently rediscovered SEOMoz’s 2009 guide to Search Engine Ranking Factors that may help in cutting through some confusion. This yearly guide distills the opinions of 72 high […]

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