Skype Click & Call Advertising: A Challenge to PPC?

by Bill Rowland July 21, 2010
Skype Click & Call May Convert Better than PPC

Today I encountered a potential goldmine for many small businesses, Skype Click & Call Advertising. For those unfamiliar with Skype, it’s a service that offers telephone service over the internet and the company is rolling out a service that is similar to Pay Per Click advertising. This video offers a quick and dirty explanation: So […]

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Google AdWords Marketing: It Needs to Make Sense

by Bill Rowland June 12, 2010
Thumbnail image for Google AdWords Marketing: It Needs to Make Sense

Google Adwords offers a great deal of promise for many businesses, but it needs to make economic sense before a business jumps in with both feet. A recent experience reminded me that before anyone gets to the point of Cost Per Click (CPC), Quality Score and Click-Through-Rates (CTR) advertisers must have an understanding of what […]

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