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Shady SEO Practices: Learn from JC Penney & Overstock

by Bill Rowland February 27, 2011
SEO Devil's Advocate

SEO practices have recently hit the mainstream with articles in both the New York Times and Wall Street Journal focusing the shady linking practices of JC Penney, and the resulting Google response. I’m not going to rewash the entire situation with a cautionary tale about link buying and questionable SEO, but I’d like to […]

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SEO Basics: The Long Tail

by Bill Rowland July 31, 2010
SEO Basics - The Long Tail

Many may be familiar with “The Long Tail,” which refers to a statistical property that suggests that the greatest value of a population rests in the tail of the distribution. This directly applies to online marketing and specifically keyword research. I recently found a great infographic that explains the concept clearly: A Balance Between Quantity […]

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