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Google Talkbin Promotes Customer Feedback

by Bill Rowland December 20, 2011
Google Talkbin

Occasionally, I encounter business products that make a lot of sense, and Google Talkbin is one of them. Created for bricks & mortar businesses, Talkbin is a smartly designed tool intended to encourage customer feedback. As most people know, it can be frustrating to elicit feedback. Whether you have a traditional store, operate a medical […]

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Link Building: Be More Like Charlie Sheen

by Bill Rowland March 5, 2011
Build Links Like Charlie Sheen

Link building for ecommerce is a difficult, time intensive process but with some work and a few pointers from recent media magnet Charlie Sheen you can build a link graph that anyone would envy. Here are a few pointers that you can use to Be More Like Charlie Sheen: Be Aware – Maintaining an understanding […]

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I am Wrong. Social Media Is for Every Business

by Bill Rowland September 26, 2010
I Am Wrong. Social Media is for Every Business

Traditionally I’ve felt that social media offers a great deal of promise, but that it’s not for everyone. After recently reading Is Social Media Right for Every Business? I think that I may be wrong. Popular forms of social media like Twitter, Facebook, blogging and Foursquare have captured the imagination of business. In a rush […]

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Social Networking for Business: 6 Points

by Bill Rowland August 3, 2010
Social Networking for Business

I recently encountered a presentation by Paul Adams, a user experience researcher at Google that focuses on social media and design. While lengthy, it covers how people connect with each other and what that means for the internet. The presentation is easy to understand, persuasive and avoids technology, but it’s pretty long. So I’ve pulled […]

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Twitter: Swiss Army Knife for Business

by Bill Rowland July 28, 2010
Thumbnail image for Twitter: Swiss Army Knife for Business

Small business people often look at Twitter as a complete waste of time, but I think that if they looked more closely they would find an effective tool that is often too easily dismissed. Yes there’s a lot of crap, but if it was easy then everyone would be doing it and there would be […]

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Social Media Marketing: Learn from the Big Boys

by Bill Rowland May 29, 2010
Social Media Marketing? Learn from This Guy

Social media marketing is not for everyone. Five Steps to Social Currency in the May edition of Fast Company magazine discusses lessons learned by large brands that can be used by smaller businesses to better under how they can use social media effectively in their business. I’d like to touch on each point and offer […]

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