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by on July 15, 2012

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No matter what the purpose of your website may be, converting visitors is your primary goal and you can do a better job by using Google Analytics’ Browser-Size Analysis tool. A recent addition to the In-Page Analytics toolset, this functionality will help you better understand what users are seeing when they visit your website.

Google Analytics Browser Size Analysis View

Website Conversion 101

For those unfamiliar, a conversion occurs when a visitor performs a desired action. Every website should have a defined purpose and this normally consists of a visitor taking some sort of action. For example, a conversion on an e-commerce site could be a purchase while it may be the download of a whitepaper on an informational site. Needless to say, conversion can be different on every site.

Conversions Need a Clear Call to Action

Among the many necessary ingredients that contribute to a conversion, the placement of a clear Call to Action is among the most important. A critical component to website design, a Call to Action creates focus, directs users and offers a way to measure your website’s success.  A good CTA is clear, concise, obvious and often presented as a button. Internet telephony service Skype routinely features a clear Call to Action.

But Users Need to See It

Obviously, for users to act they must be able to see the call to action and that’s where the Browser Size Analysis Tool comes in. Today’s Desktops, Laptops and Mobile devices have an almost unlimited number of display sizes, so you need to ensure that the majority of users that visit your site can see your call to action. To assess the visibility of your call to action, follow these steps:

Log Into Google Analytics - If you currently don’t use Google Analytics, you should. It’s free, easy to set up and provide a wide range of useful information. Contact me if you need some help. Google Analytics Sign In
Navigate to Content > In-Page Analytics Google Analytics In Page Analytics
Select Browser Size Button – The Browser Size button in the upper right-hand corner enables an overlay that will give you a clear breakdown of what visitors see based on user and browser type. Google Analytics Browser Size Button
Expand Window for a Better View – Maximize the view of your webpage to better understand what visitors are seeing. Google Analytics Expand Button
Adjust Visibility Slider – This is the interesting part. You can make adjustment to User type (Web Visitors, Visitors to the Website, Visitors to this Page) as well as the Visibility Percentage; the overlay will dynamically shade those areas users cannot see. Google Analytics Browser Size Visibility Slider

Maximize Call to Action Visibility

With a better understanding of what visitors are seeing when they visit your website, you need to make the necessary adjustment to maximize the visibility of your call to action. After reviewing the visibility of several clients’ sites, it became crystal clear that:

  • Mobile Browsers Display Very Little
  • Oversized Headers Kill Valuable Real Estate
  • The Importance of Clean & Simple Cannot be Overstated
  • The CTA Should be Centrally Located and on Top of the Page

If you get the chance to use Google Analytics’ Browser-Size Analysis tool, let me know what you learn.

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Rick Noel August 11, 2012 at 9:57 pm

Excellent advice Bill, especially as more an more access the web through smartphones and tablets, as high as 10-20% according to information published by comScore in Mar of this year. Though cliche and overused for the last 5 years, this year could really be the “year of the mobile.” I have found that the Google Analytics’ Browser-Size Analysis tool provides great insights to help position your call to actions so that they get the broadest possible reach, regardless of device visitors are accessing your site from. If users have to scroll to see your CTA, then the CTR is going to drop like a rock. Thanks for sharing.


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